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The IAB consists of the following membership opportunities:


Individuals who support the Construction Management Program with a donation of funds. Membership may be:
a. Annual - donation of $100.00
b. Five Year - donation of $400.00


  • Individual members participate in IAB activities and meetings (except Executive meetings).

  • Individual members vote on all non-financial IAB activities. Individual members do not vote on financial IAB activities.

Business: A company engaged in the construction or construction management field or in an area that directly supports these activities who has an interest in supporting the Construction Management Program at Wentworth Institute of Technology. A Business member is entitled to designate a representative, with one alternate, to be a member of the IAB Executive Committee. A Business may designate as many individuals as they like to attend general meetings of the IAB but have only one vote. A Business Member will have one vote on financial IAB activities. A Business membership is supported by an annual minimum donation of $1,000 per year. Donations greater than this amount are welcomed.

Special: Special members are individual constructors who have distinguished themselves in the construction industry. Special members are nominated by the Construction Management Faculty or by a Business Member and approved by the Executive Committee.


  • Special members will participate in all IAB activities and meetings.

  • Special members may be appointed to serve as members of the Executive Committee with one vote on all non-financial actions.

  • Special members are not required to make a donation.

Association: The Executive Committee may invite individuals representing professional associations (e.g., AGC, ABC, DBIA, etc.) to be members of the IAB. Association members are invited to all meetings. Association members do not pay dues and do not vote on IAB matters.

Membership is annual except as noted above for individual members, and begins on July 1st of each year. Donations are due on the effective date of membership.

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