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Executive Committee: Committee members shall be a representative from each Business Member of the IAB. The Commitee also includes Special Members elected to serve. The Executive Committee will elect its own chairperson from the membership of that committee. This committee leads the activities of the IAB at general meetings and reports on activities and recommendations that may need to be considered for discussion or approval.

Mentoring Committee: The Mentoring Committee consists of members from the general IAB membership and the faculty. The committee develops and implements a mentoring program to benefit Wentworth students and to seek support from the design and construction industry.

Diversity Committee: The purpose of the committee is to advocate diversity in the CM Program and to seek support from the design and construction industry to promote this initiative.









IAB full membership meets twice per year – once in the fall and once in the spring. Dates of these meetings will be planned in advance by the Executive Committee in consultation with the IAB membership at large. IAB members are notified sufficiently in advance of the planned meeting dates. The Executive Committee meets at least twice a year and more frequently as necessary to accomplish the work of the IAB. Activities of the Executive and other committees are reported at general meetings. Other IAB Committees meet as often as necessary to accomplish their work.

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